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The easiest way to order. Right at your fingertips

You want it hot, cold, sweet, sour, spicy, mild, whatever. But more than anything, you want it now. And now, with FingerWaiter, it’s easy.

Take a seat at your favorite venue. Scan the code with your mobile phone, select from the menu and place your order.

No neck-twisting, hand-waiving, waiter-locating tricks.

Now available on the App Store and Play Store!

Finger Waiter helps you enjoy your day

Anything from the menu!

It’s the perfect way to order whether you’re at a cafe, restaurant, beach bar, club or hotel-alone or with a large group of friends.

Stay safe

Finger Waiter is a contacltess system. You don’t have to touch menu catalogs, credit cards, receipts etc. Minimum exposure ordering!

Relax and enjoy

More people joining you later? No problem. Multiple orders are easy. Want your table to be cleaned? Press the appropriate icon and it’s done!

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